We provide professional, efficient and personalized service to our clients and candidates. We ensure this by employing professionals that realize your needs and have a philosophy which is committed to providing a friendly and professional post-placement service. Continuum Workforce customizes each of our offerings to meet your unique needs and business challenges.


Continuum Workforce specializes in recruiting the right talent, for the right roles, at the right times. Whether the focus is on high level strategy or day-to-day tactics, our offerings span the entire recruiting life cycle



Research indicates that most of growing business owners spend maximum time in revolving people related issues and deviate themselves from other core issues. Continuum Workforce can help you by taking care of all of your HR requirements



Our professionals have years of experience in designing, building, and implementing cutting edge learning programs for clients. We look beyond traditional approaches to offer training solutions that are interactive, hands on, and long lasting.


One thing you can be sure of when working with Continuum Workforce is that our team of consultants have all come to the organization with service industry backgrounds and a wealth of work experience, including staff management and recruitment, to their credit. They have all been in your shoes and really do understand the pressures upon you - which is why you'll find it's like a breath of fresh air when talking to us. This is also the reason why our clients come back to Continuum Workforce every time when they are seeking new members of staff or looking for the right caliber people and why candidates recommend us to friends and colleagues time and time again.

We believe that trust and confidentiality are vital in building the sort of relationships we nurture with our clients. It takes a lot of trust to consider an outside recruitment team to be an integral part of your recruitment process and Continuum Workforce are trusted to be just that.|