Continuum Workforce specializes in recruiting the right talent, for the right roles, at the right times. Whether the focus on high level strategy or day-to-day tactics, our offerings span the entire recruiting life cycle. We work diligently to quantify a return on your recruiting investment and deliver measurable value to you. A holistic approach to recruiting demands, companies de-clutter their minds and become less task focused and more strategic. Continuum Workforce can help take your recruiting efforts to new heights. Our services include not only developing your unique branding positioning, but also creating the campaign, collateral materials, employee communications, and training needed to roll it out to your organization.

Continuum Workforce can help you develop your overall recruiting strategy – who to target, how to target, and where to target to help your department mine and hire the best talent, adding long-term value in every part of your organization. We focus on strengthening your market position so you have a steady pipeline of quality talent. A well defined talent acquisition strategy should drive the execution of all of your other recruiting initiatives. To develop this strategy, we conduct an analysis of your current needs and methodologies and map those for your future needs and best practices.

The final process documentation clearly and concisely describes the “to-be” recruiting process in a graphical format, listing the sequence, flow, and responsibility for all steps along the way.

  • Updated process map
  • Sub-process flow diagrams
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Metrics and report templates
  • Training and rollout recommendations

Defining a strong employer brand is a critical first step in helping your recruiting messages stand out in a crowded employment marketplace. Just as a product, brand represents key messages, attributes, and benefits to consumers, an employer brand represents your unique hiring proposition to potential candidates. A good employer brand: Creates a sense of urgency and an intellectual curiosity to act immediately.

  • Encourages people to visit a web site, ask others about the company, or apply for a job
  • Engages a recruit’s mind, heart, and dreams
  • Is complementary to any organization-wide branding initiatives
  • Gives a clear, compelling reason to work for your organization
  • Is consistent with the views of your current employees
  • and can serve for a long time as your employment message