performance - based learning

Our professionals have years of experience in designing, building, & implementing cutting edge learning programs for clients. We look beyond traditional approaches to offer training solutions that are interactive, hands on, and long lasting. Too many training programs are one-sided presentations that fill participants’ heads with knowledge and give them very little opportunity to utilize what they have learned. Continuum Workforce believes in skill mastery through application and learning as well as taking chances, making mistakes, and getting feedback throughout the process.

Through properly designed performance-based training programs and use of industry's leading learning technology, Continuum Workforce can help you reduce time to proficiency, increase on-the-job performance, and lower training administration and delivery costs.

training approach

Training, Design and Development! Continuum Workforce offers a well thought out training design with carefully defined performance objectives. These objectives drive the rest of the development and testing effort. Whether creating a customized program or teaming with other partners in our vendor network, the training we create will align to your business strategy, engage your audience, and deliver lasting performance improvement.Our training development approach emphasises significant subject matter input and frequent executive sign offs. While Continuum Workforce brings extensive experience and expertise in learning strategies, we understand that no one knows your business better than you.


Confirm training content, agenda outline & instructional approaches.


Build all training materials including presentations, workbooks, videos, job aids etc.


Gather input on training from user groups and final approval from executives.


Reproduce materials, prep instructors, and secure logistics for training sessions.


Prepare for and conduct all training sessions.


Develop and launch follow up training.


We offer an unrivalled range of continue education programmes for working professionals and skill development programmes for inspiring student community as MOUs partner with world's leading training and skill developing organization. We provide relevant and realistic Training and Development solutions which equip individuals, teams and organisations to be able to meet their objectives.We also help organization with projects such as designing competency frameworks, training plans, training needs analysis, training department set up and training consulting.

Currently we are offering programmes into the following categories:

Open Management Courses/ Workshops

Essential Management Skills" will provide you with an excellent foundation in all of the skills and behaviours required to be an outstanding manager. Managing the process and workload is just not enough nowadays. Instead, the modern manager needs to be able to motivate their team, manage change, deal with difficult people, manage performance, coach and develop their staff - the list goes on! After having attended this workshop you will go back to the workplace with a toolbox full of management skills that you can use to guarantee your success in managing yourself and others.

Management Skills will provide you with an excellent foundation that is required to be an outstanding manager. After having attended this workshop, you will go back to the workplace with a toolbox full of management skills that you can use to guarantee your success in managing yourself and others.

In-House Management Courses
  • Management Skills
  • Management/Leadership Skills
  • Change Management
  • Time Management & Delegation Skills
  • Coaching Skills For Managers
  • Running Effective Appraisals
  • Team Building Event
  • Strength Deployment Inventory
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Influencing Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Dealing With Conflict
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Personal Confidence Building
  • Sales Skills
  • Key Selling Skills
  • Training
  • Phone Sales Training
  • Objection Handling Skills
  • Sales Presentation Training
  • Sales Management Training
  • Telephone Prospecting
  • Cold Calling
  • Customer Care
  • Customer Care skills
  • Dealing with Complaints
  • Train The Trainer
  • Helpdesk Skills for IT staff
specially designed PROGRAMS for students

Skill development courses at discounted prices while continuing their studies.

  • On the job paid training / internships.
  • Resume building tips/ career advice.
  • Part time work opportunities for students.